Landscape Lighting


Outdoor lighting is really one of our passions and is probably one of the most gratifying features you can add to your property. It can provide endless enjoyment not only outside, but also from inside your home. It creates a “landscape painting” rather than a “black mirror” and does this on a very low cost per light basis.

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We use low voltage and LED lights that operate low wattage bulbs so the spot lights of the past are gone. Using these techniques allows us to highlight and enhance features and structures from many angles as opposed to the old-fashioned giant flood lights that consumed a great deal of power and attracted insects from all over. We suggest you let us begin with one area to show you the impact outdoor lighting can have. This will give you an idea of what we can do in order to create an effect which will showcase your unique property while providing added security.

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I love what Combitech did for my property, no matter the season we enjoy seeing nature at night as we envisioned it thanks...DaveH

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